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Texans Sign Rasheem Green to One Year Deal

The defensive line gets another boost after the draft.

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The draft is done but Nick Caserio is not.

After adding Thomas Booker to the defensive line, the Texans went out and picked up a pretty solid free agent.

On yet another one year “prove it” deal, Rasheem Green, a former third round pick of the Seahawks, is only 24 and coming off his best statistical season of his career. If he can show signs of improving off of that, the Texans might have just found a diamond in the rough.

It would certainly allay the fears that some Texans fans might have after, aside from Booker, barely addressing the defensive line in the draft.

What do y’all think, loyal BRB reader, are you a fan of the signing? Let us know below.