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Texans OC and National Scout to Join Inaugural Coach and Front Office Accelerator Program

The future is coming and its name could be Pep.

As a part of the NFL’s attempt to prove that their teams aren’t merely paying lip service to hiring minority coaches and front office staff improve diversity in the higher echelons of power within their 32 clubs,

According to the Mothership, this program is expected to bring together 60 diverse head coach and GM prospects and owner representation from all 32 teams.

Per Roger Goodell:

“The NFL is committed to diversity and inclusion and this program is the latest in a series of steps designed to improve our hiring practices,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “The program ensures that clubs receive exposure to high performing, up-and-coming NFL talent.”

Hamilton is in his second season with the Texans and his first as the team’s offensive coordinator. Most people are satisfied with his performance in the sense that he is, literally and figuratively, not Tim Kelly. McCurtis has been a national scout for the Texans for five seasons and been with the team for 13 years. This “accelerator” will supposedly help, according to that same article:

The program will provide senior women and minority prospects with leadership development sessions with football operations experts and facilitators, as well as time spent networking directly with club owners. The effort is designed to continue building a diverse hiring pipeline for future head coach and general manager positions throughout the League.

Speaking personally, I hope it works out for them, because sure as heck I wouldn’t want to subject myself to anything where one of the main activities is “networking.” Sounds mighty unpleasant, but if it means Hamilton possibly gets a shot as Texans head coach (depending on how he does as OC), then more power to him and McCurtis.