Cole, Spinger, and Correa exert Astros into Dynasty status?

Since the scandal for the Astros, Houston has suffered the biggest lost of major players and not just from the Astros. Since the scandal, Houston has waived goodbye to generational talent. De'Andre Hopkins, JJ Watt, James Harden, Gherit Cole, George Springer, and now Carlos Correa. Add AJ Hinch, and Jeff Luhnow, I think it's safe to say that both the Rockets and Texans have proven that they were the most effected since this all begin. I mean is Houston cursed? Because every time we seem to almost get there, it just seems to all fall apart. But all the Astros have done since 2016 is either fall just short of the WS, win the WS, or lose the WS. That's after each year since the scandal arose of losing one key player each year. I think Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman are the unsung heroes of this squad and deserves more credit than they receive. Where Carlos was the Ra Ra Rah guy, these two guys have just continued to stand in and do their job. Either from a leadership stand point or prove it by my performance stand point. You won't get much click bait from either of them, but what you will get is consistent heart for this city and heart for the game of baseball. It's like 2 adult little leaguers going out each night to play the game that they love. At the end of the day winning is a culture. A culture that breeds and bleeds into the people its surrounded by. Merriam Webster defines Dynasty as a powerful group or family that maintains it's position for a considerable amount of time. If the Astros sniff the world series this year, I think you have to consider crowning them as such.

As Always,


Derwin Jordan