Houston, TX - All the world's a phase fans


Houston, TX - All the world's a phase… or so goes the frequently cited proverb from The Bard, whomever you believe that that should be. The size of the "theater" of the stage can fluctuate, from the huge size of global international affairs and fighting, to the more limited size dramatizations that unfurl in a person's regular day to day existence. Now and again it is minor, in some cases it is life changing. Logical, in the event that called a "show" the situation that unfurl are of critical interest for the players and the crowd. For the Houston Texans, "show" has not been in that frame of mind since the schedule went to the 2020s decade. Everything began with a bang: the emotional Taiwan Jones catch-and-hurry to finish an enormous Wild Card season finisher rebound, just to follow that up with the blown noteworthy lead at Kansas City. Then you had the castle interest that had even the authors on Game of Thrones jealous of the unexpected developments (particularly those that chipped away at the last season). 3 GMs, 4 lead trainers, and a huge turnover in staff in all cases. Gracious, then there was the adventure of Watson, from hotshot to enormous outcast. Better believe it, the Texans have not been exhausting… for the most part.