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Interview with Texans DL Thomas Booker

A former BRB contributor gets an exclusive interview with the new Texans defensive lineman.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Every so often, I like to check in on some of our former writers to see how they’ve been doing, what they’ve been up to ever since they left the cozy confines of Battle Red Blog (or escaped, depending on how you look at it), and I am proud to report that not ALL of them wound up in an insane asylum after the last couple of years!

In fact, one of them has created a pretty dang successful career of doing what he did here on BRB: breaking down film, scouting players for the draft, and offering fantasy football recommendations. And that same someone, Brett Kollmann, or SoCalTexan if you’re old school, managed to get an interview with former Stanford, and current Houston Texans, defensive lineman Thomas Booker.

Here is his half-hour long interview with the prospect. Let’s find out more about our newest Texan.

If you want to see more from Brett Kollmann, you can find his videos on YouTube on his channel called, oddly enough, The Film Room.

So, does this change how you feel about Booker as a Texan? Are you convinced he could be a big contributor? Are you even more excited to see him in battle red? Let us know!