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Houston Texans Get Amazon Prime Time Game

The 2022 NFL preseason schedule is out

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Lost in all the Deshaun Watson craziness and excitement surrounding the Houston Texans OTAs, the NFL announced the preseason schedule for 2022 the other day.

Recently reduced to three games from four to accommodate an extra regular season game, the preseason means even less now than it did before.

However, for football starved fans, at least those who aren’t satisfied rooting for a USFL team with a Houston name that’s never played a down in H-Town, the preseason means football has returned.

This year, your Houston Texans will take on the New Orleans Saints at home, the Los Angeles Rams in LA and the team’s first appearance on the new Amazon Prime live streaming service against the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

Pro Football Talk has a list of the full slate of preseason games here.

An all new Texans team most likely won’t be ready to face the New Orleans Saints on August 13th, and going against the Los Angeles Rams on their home turf won’t be an easy go of it either. Maybe the Texans can get their first preseason win on Amazon. Maybe.

Then again, it’s the preseason, and wins and losses don’t really matter... or do they?