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Andre Johnson Optimistic About Texans 2022 Draft Class

The GOAT speaks.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Texans’ last few draft classes haven’t exactly been much to write home about. Part of that being due to a lack of draft capital in the last few years, but a large majority of it falls on the shoulders and buttchin of Bill O’Brien (who was also responsible for the lack of draft capital).

So after the first full draft the Texans have had in two years and nine new players on the roster, it’s refreshing, if a bit unsettling, to experience something approaching optimism for the first time in a long time. It is extra-refreshing that the latest bastion of optimism comes from one of the three greatest players in Texans history: Andre Johnson.

Johnson was on the sidelines for the final week of voluntary OTAs, was impressed with the rookies’ on-field performances and stated, according to, that this class could:

...leave a special mark and change the franchise.

“I was talking to [Derek] Stingley Jr. and was telling him how their rookie class can change the organization,” Johnson said. “It’s on them to put in the hard work and to hold each other accountable.”

It’s easy to just assume “oh Andre Johnson, of course he’s going to say good stuff,” and dismiss his praise as just more word salad, but Andre doesn’t talk often to the media, so for him to say this I think might have a bit more meaning than if, say, amateur Texans cheerleader Spencer Tillman were to say it.

But that’s just my thinking. How about y’all?