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Texans to Wear New Helmets for Battle Red Day

They may lose a lot of games but they’re gonna look good doing it.

How many times have we watched the Texans come out on Battle Red Day? And every year what do we see? We see the Houston Texans we know and allegedly love in their battle red pants and their battle red jerseys and...their usual deep steel blue helmets

The effect (Toro aside) ending up as less a fearsome display of the passion for football symbolized by the red and more like 11 ketchup bottles scrambling around on the field trying to find a hot dog that needs their attention.

[Ed. Note: I can’t speak for the rest of the masthead but I do not condone the use of ketchup on hot dogs. Or burgers. Or (shudder) steak. And the previous statement should not be read as such. We now return you to your fluff piece already in progress.]

No more! As of this year, the Texans will, for the first time, have an entire battle red uniform for their game against the Eagles on November 3rd.

I was unable to find any non-photoshopped images of the full Texans battle red uniform so I’ll let you use the theater of the mind to picture it all together. Mark your calendars to see the solid battle red fire for yourselves!