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Introducing Battle Red Blog’s Newest Writer

Luca Sartirana joins the masthead.

NFL: DEC 18 Jaguars at Texans Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In Italy, where I was born and still live, football isn’t a popular sport, as soccer pretty much takes it all. After a trip to New York City when I was 15 years old though, I fell in love with football. Once I went back home, I started watching games and play fantasy football. I liked football so much that, after a couple of years, I started writing about it for an Italian website and then, a year ago, I started writing about football in English. I’m still a college student, but my goal is to, one day, hopefully, cover football as a full-time gig, as it’s something that really makes me feel at peace.

My first Texans-related memories begin with the end of J.J. Watt’s Defensive Player of the Year awards streak and DeAndre Hopkins rising into elite status. I’ve always been fascinated with the culture of the state of Texas and the city of Houston both from an history and sports standpoint. From the days of Earl Campbell dominating in the Astrodome to the days of Arian Foster and Andre Johnson, there have been multiple great players that attracted me to expand my knowledge about the history of both the Oilers and the Texans. Houston also has a great history football-wise at the high school and college level, as throughout the years I watched multiple elite prospects coming out from the area. Now that the Texans have a young and promising team with a vision for the future, I’m extremely excited to join the Battle Red Blog team and cover the franchise.

While I’ll now contribute to the site with Texans related content, I’ll also continue my path as a draft analyst. On my Twitter account @SartiranaLuca I post and write draft-related content throughout the whole year, sharing thoughts and scouting reports about college football prospects. Getting near the NFL Draft, I also write every year a draft guide that contains all the scouting reports I produced during the draft cycle.

The team at Battle Red Blog is extremely talented and I’m glad to be part of it.