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PFF: Houston Texans Training Camp Dates and Unit Rankings

Allllmoooossttt therrrrreeeee...

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2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Houston Texans training camp is nearly upon us. These dates herald the beginning of pre-season, then the full 2022 NFL schedule. Training camp is where some players will shine, only to falter later on, while other will seize the opportunity to launch a new chapter of greatness in their football careers. recently ran a piece on training camp dates and preliminary unit rankings for all 32 teams, including your Houston Texans.

Here’s what they had to say about H-Town’s finest:


Important Dates

Rookies report: July 24

Veterans report: July 26

Offseason Unit Rankings:

Running Back Unit. 32nd

Receiving Corps. 30th

Offensive Line. 22nd

Defensive Line. 30th

Linebacker Unit. 31st

Secondary. 32nd

Some of these rankings make sense (running backs for instance), while others are a total head scratcher. How can an offensive line anchored by Justin Britt rank substantially higher than a receiving corps featuring Brandin Cooks?

That case is even more mixed-message-ish when the same site lists Nico Collins as a breakout fantasy star for 2022.

There wasn’t a big second-year breakout among Collins’ closest comps, but Michael Pittman was a top-20 wide receiver. The bright side for Collins is that he should continue to see the field a lot in his second season, a likely staple in two- and three-wide sets with Brandin Cooks and rookie John Metchie III, who might be slow to emerge coming off of a major knee injury.

Either way, all the speculation is coming to an end soon as August is coming and that means live football is almost back, baby!