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Top 10 Quarterbacks as Voted by NFL Executives, Coaches, and Players

The best quarterbacks according to the opinions that matter.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has an opinion but don’t let anyone tell you that all opinions are made equal.

A random person’s opinion on NFL quarterbacks will certainly be different then, say, an NFL player’s opinion on quarterbacks.

This list was voted on by NFL executives, coaches, and players and keep in mind this is a list of the best 10 right now. The list will be below and please share your thoughts on the top 10 and please comment your own top 10 quarterbacks in the comments below.

The NFL executives, coaches, and players list goes as follows...

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Patrick Mahomes
  3. Josh Allen
  4. Tom Brady
  5. Joe Burrow
  6. Matthew Stafford
  7. Justin Herbert
  8. Russell Wilson
  9. Deshaun Watson
  10. Dak Prescott

I have no problem with the top three, Aaron Rodgers is coming off an MVP season and again this list is based off the right now and Rodgers is still lighting it up. Patrick Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes not much more needs to be said about that and Josh Allen as a player has become the basis for how to develop a quarterback properly. The top three can be interchanged but for most including myself those are the top three quarterbacks right now no question.

Tom Brady at four will have some people outside the NFL circle fuming but keep in mind Brady has had the NFL under his thumb for years and even at the age of 45 is still chasing Super Bowls which will command the respect of his peers. Joe Burrow at five has some recent bias because he’s coming off a Super Bowl appearance and same with Stafford at six he just won his first Super Bowl so most in the NFL world will have that fresh in their minds. Justin Herbert at seven is the first I have a problems with, Herbert has been outstanding despite what the Chargers have put around him since his first NFL start and from a player standpoint Herbert can do a lot more then Stafford can and even without those individual accolades.

The bottom three are tricky because this is where outside names potentially start to come in. Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson at eight and nine are both interchangeable and both the same type of quarterback but both are still in the “great quarterback” tier but not in the “carry a team to a Super Bowl” tier. At number 10 is Dak Prescott and at the 10 spot is where the whispers of outside names flutter in, Lamar Jackson is the first one that comes to mind as a name that could be considered but even Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr could also be considered and no disrespect to Dak Prescott but he’s in the same tier as all those guys and is very easily interchangeable with any of them.

There’s one thing in common with all these top 10 quarterbacks, their teams are good and some better then others. A team can carry a quarterback to relevance but for the best of the best a quarterback can carry a team over the hump. Teams at the bottom aim to draft their very own high ceiling quarterback. Teams stuck in mediocrity wonder if the quarterback they have is good enough to make them elite. Either way the goal is all the same, find a damn quarterback.

Whether you agree with the list or hate the list the fact of the matter is Davis Mills isn’t on anyone's top 10 quarterback listing. For the Texans, it’s all in the future and finding out if Mills can one day be on a top 10 list. Opinions are opinions but facts are facts and finding or developing an elite quarterback is a great way to propel the Texans in the right direction.

Since I know you all care about my thoughts and opinions here is where I’ll share my personal top 10 quarterbacks list without much explanation

  1. Josh Allen
  2. Patrick Mahomes
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Joe Burrow
  5. Justin Herbert
  6. Tom Brady
  7. Russell Wilson
  8. Matthew Stafford
  9. Deshaun Watson
  10. Lamar Jackson

Honorable mentions

  1. Derek Carr
  2. Dak Prescott
  3. Kirk Cousins
  4. Kyler Murray
  5. Matt Ryan

Please share your thoughts on both the NFL executives, coaches, and players list and my own list and please leave your own list in the comments.