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Houston Texans RB Dameon Pierce Could Be Special

The Texans may have something special in running back Dameon Pierce.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Texans may have found something special in fourth-round rookie running back Dameon Pierce.

The Texans rushing attack has been horrible since Carlos Hyde in 2019 and it seemed like that was still the case early in the Texans first pre-season game until Pierce entered the game.

Pierce’s first carry as a Texan went for 20 yards and you can tell his presence was immediately felt by everyone. Pierce only had 5 carries but rushed for 49 yards, averaging 9.8 yards per carry.

Not only was every single run by Pierce impressive, but he also demonstrated his potential in pass protection.

This is only the first pre-season game and he will have to prove it when it really matters but it is hard to not be excited for the potential of Dameon Pierce in Houston. His burst, yards after contact and one cut ability is evident and that is something that the Texans have not had in a long time.