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Countdown to Kickoff: Preseason Mode - Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams

If you can glean anything out of the preseason, this is the game you’ll probably glean it from.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

If you didn’t watch the Houston Texans play the New Orleans Saints last Saturday, I can’t say I’d blame you for it. The first preseason game is pretty much not useful at all for trying to gauge what kind of team we can expect this Texans roster could be. And with next week’s game against the San Francisco 49ers being the end of preseason, we can expect to not learn anything from that game as well.

So that just leaves week two of the preseason. This is the game where we can expect the starters to see more time on the field and a little (and I do mean little) more variation in the playbook; the result being this is the closest we’ll get to a regular season game until the regular season begins. The fact that this game is also against the defending Super Bowl champions on their home turf will only increase the level of this early stress test for the Texans.

So what are you looking for out of the Texans tonight? Which position group are you focused on, if any?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your countdown to kickoff. Kick your shoes off, get comfortable. Just please don’t mess up the walls, we just washed them. Thank you.