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How Will the Houston Texans Replace John Metchie on the Roster?

How Houston hopes to fill the void in the wake of the 2nd round receivers tragic circumstance.

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug knows no sense of convenience. Training camp hadn’t even started yet and here we are already attempting to digest a players season being cut short. Unfortunately the situation is much more serious, on July 24th John Metchie informed the world that he had a rare form of cancer. It was a shock heard around the football universe as multiple outlets stood unified in handing out their condolences. Even the CFL sent out both thoughts and prayers while covering a Toronto Argonauts game which John’s brother, Royce Metchie plays for. Health had been on the minds of many a Houston Texans fan, since the young Crimson Tide standout was drafted, because he had still been working his way back from an ACL tear suffered towards the end of his collegiate career but this most recent news took people by surprise. The bright side is that while rare APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia) is the most curable form of Leukemia and Metchie just so happens to live in a city fairly experienced in dealing with cancer. That experience comes from both a healthcare provider and a sports fan perspective as this is now the 3rd Texan player to be diagnosed with a form of cancer in addition to Andre Hal and David Quessenberry.

So now the question arises, with Metchie gone for at least this season who will be taking the majority of the slot reps for the ‘22/’23 year? There are a couple of different avenues Houston could look at to fill this role. While the young rookie coming off an ACL wasn’t expected to be handed the job immediately the growing consensus belief was he would at least be a factor in the rotation with the potential to take over during the final stretch of the season much like Nico Collins and Brevin Jordan did after the bye at the week 11 turn.

Avenue 1: They Do Nothing

Probably the least popular of the choices especially from a fans perspective the Texans don’t necessarily have to do anything personnel wise. For the final six weeks of the season, Houston trotted out a combination of Chris Moore and Phillip Dorsett to hold down the inside. They could also look at mixing in some of the young guys like Davion Davis, or undrafted free agents Drew Estrada and Johnny Johnson III. While the slot and move a.k.a. the “F” tight end both averaged roughly 30 snaps a game last season if Nick Caserio’s comments pre-draft match now offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton’s philosophies we should see more heavy personnel sets with multiple tight ends. That tight end offensive package would ultimately be the benefit of 2nd year player Brevin Jordan, who no longer has to compete with former 3rd round pick Jordan Akins for targets.

Avenue 2: Sign a Free Agent

As of right now per NFL trade rumors website of the top 100 free agents still available before training camp, Houston’s options at receiver include:

  1. Odell Beckham Jr.
  2. Will Fuller
  3. Cole Beasley
  4. T.Y. Hilton
  5. Emmanuel Sanders
  6. Willie Snead
  7. Anthony Miller
  8. Antonio Brown

Avenue 3: Find a Trade Partner

Come on, we all know trader Nick isn’t afraid to swing a deal. I mean literally almost a year ago Anthony Miller was brought in from Chicago for this exact reason.

  1. Jerry Jeudy - Denver Broncos
  2. Scottie Miller - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Jamison Crowder - Buffalo Bills
  4. Albert Wilson - Minnesota Vikings

What would you do? How would you prefer Houston handle the slot position this season?