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Houston Texans Groupthink: Training Camp Storylines

What’s the main focus in the first few days before the season?

NFL: Houston Texans Minicamp Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

August. Has. Arrived. Today is the first day pads will be on in the Houston Texans Training Camp at NRG. They’ve had two days of practice and are gearing up for next week’s first pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints. There’s not much time before the season begins and with fewer pre-season games than before, the topics of the day will of the utmost importance.

We asked the writers of the glorious Battle Red Blog their initial thought on the top storylines heading into the first several days of training camp:


The biggest thing from this early in camp is to see just how the rookies are looking. Yes, it is very, very early, but still, the main reason to watch this team, now that that the Watson saga is over, is to see what the kids are doing. Can they start setting a foundation for optimism and improvement? I am not expecting All-Pro, but want to see flashes of raw skill and signs of day-to-day improvement.

Kenneth L.:

I always want to see the rookies integrate themselves into camp. There shouldn’t be a disparate difference between them and the veterans. If there is they’ll be a long ways for them to go. It appears Pitre looks the best of all the rookies. Kenyon Green is running with the Twos and I’m just happy Stingley is running at all (kidding, he’s healthy-ish).

Pierce also appears to be ready to take on a big role this season. They’ll have a three-headed pony (because it cannot be considered a monster) at the RB position. His ability to supplant the two veterans will be something I’ll have a keen interest on.


Let’s see. In the first few days you just want to see everyone back and in shape. I think watching Marlon Mack will be interesting. Does he still have the athleticism he had pre-injury. Do any other other invitees at that position have something?


While it’s dangerous to draw conclusions off of what is basically syllabus week, I always enjoy who takes the most reps and where. Last year wading through the pecking order of our horde of free agent linebackers was my primary focus and this year my attention has shifted to the safeties. Where does Jalen Pitre play and does this Jonathan Owens offseason hype have any merit?

Heading in the right direction. We all want to see a calmer, more organized, but more promising team this season. From new faces to new veterans, there’s a lot on the line as we kick off the 2022 NFL football season.