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NFL Preseason: Houston Texans Led the League in Fewest Points Allowed

The NRG equivalent of the Texans Two Step...

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

We’re officially in the grasping at straws for positivity era of the Houston Texans. For every legit step forward, the team is still finding ways to take steps backwards in rebuilding the fanbase. Having a league leading team stat is a great step forward. Starting the NFL equivalent of a cyber bullying war with former BRB staffer Rivers McCown is a heinous step backward.

While this reeks of Jack Easterby, at least his name hasn’t been dominating the headlines this off-season. But this is definitely, more one step forward, one step backwards stuff.

Whomever in NRG thought attacking a beloved member of the local press/fanbase was a good idea should get promoted to customer. Cheap shots like this come off as petty, childish, immature and insecure. None of those are descriptors of a healthy organization - or one worthy of the hard earned dollars from a passionate, disenfranchised fanbase.

In happier news, Lovie Smith’s defense managed to land the stingiest unit in the land stat when all the preseason smoke cleared.

NFL Media



Pts. Allowed/Game

Houston, AFC. 11.0

The Texans ended the preseason 3-0, giving up 13 points to the New Orleans Saints in week one, 20 points to the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams in week two and blanking the San Francisco 49ers in week three.

Congratulations to the Texans defensive players, coaches and other personnel responsible for this stat. Maybe the members of the organization who are bullying fans should take note of how things should be done.

It’s Only Preseason...

How (if?) the defensive success translates to the regular season remains to be seen. If you’ve been a football fan for more than a minute, you’re well aware that preseason doesn’t count, and often things that happen in these games don’t carry forward to the legit contests.

The aforementioned poll in Rivers’ tweet has the majority of the fanbase buying in on the Texans winning between four and seven games this coming season.

If that win total is going to happen, Lovie Smith will have to keep his players thieving, stingy and opportunistic. Can this team really punch above its weight class? Only time will tell - but we sure hope so.