Texans Offense remains difficult despite Bill O'brien's exit, even with No Thrills Mills, the Texans still in a better place.

Half way through the first quarter of the season, the @HoustonTexans have left plenty on the table for the fans to be both disappointed but hopeful. The defense has held its on in the first 3 quarters of both games, while the offense has continued to struggle and stall in both outings. With both teams scoring the winning drive while the offense couldn't dominate time of possession and the defense was truly gassed. Now one could easily process the thoughts in the past and go down the No Thrills Mills bandwagon, but I'm here to tell you why you must have patience when it comes to this season.

When judging this team, look no further than the originator, the brain trust, Billy the Goat Belichick. The Patriots have been laced in controversy this season, that isn't getting much buzz due to Belichick's reign and hurricane of Superbowl wins and appearances. But this season there has been plenty of doubt as it relates to who their offensive coordinator would be minus Josh McDaniels, and what type of offensive scheme they would be rolling in. So I ask that you pay close attention to how they move and their thought process of starting over which is what they've tried to do since Brady's exit. One might say that the Patriot's have struggled in recent years trying to rebuild their offensive dominance. I think it's a huge camouflage due to Brady's exit, but in my humble opinion, the Patriots have been stagnant since the day they blocked Nick Caserio's departure to the Texans in 2019. Click Here. What we know now, is that it was at that point that the Texans decided they would just wait and let Bill O'brien take the reigns in the interim. But people soon forget that Nick Caserio not only sat behind Belichick for the past 20 years, but was also on the headset and involved in the game day activities. One of the biggest things that we heard during O'brien's tenure was that of how hard the offensive scheme was and how it took so long for players to pick it up. In listening to Belichick speak on this season, I ask that you apply this to what is going on with the Texans currently. The game plan offense is always about the team you are playing. "In camp, in preseason, during the season, mid-season, yeah," Belichick said. "You see things that are going well, you try to figure out a way to maybe exploit that more. Obviously you see things that aren't going well, figure out a way to improve them or get rid of them and move on…if you're spending time on something that's not productive, you need to either change it or move on to something else. It's not efficient." Bill Belichick. In listening to Pep Hamilton's pressers, the @HoustonTexans do not consider that the offense is struggling, because of the sample size.

We can't concentrate on last season. Half of the entire offense are new starters this season. Blocking is not only a concern from Dameon Pierce, but also from the wide receiver position, as well as, the struggles of who is actually healthy on the Tight End position. As much as we hate to admit it, we are still living in the day and age of the "Game Plan" offense. 25 of the 52 wins for Bill O'brien came AFTER the bye week. Outside of almost guaranteed division wins, almost 50% of them came after the bye week, which is about when the offense woke up each season. I'm expecting the Texans to put up a 30 burger for Lovie this week in his return to the Bears who cut him after a 10 win season. As much as he want to gloss over it, it's personal. Lovie wasn't given a fair shot in Tampa, and went on to a College where is was tough to recruit. No excuses, the Texans have the talent. Pep Hamilton has to step up and not play to not lose. Talks about what the opponent is taking away, has to turn into what are you shoving down their throat. Talks of getting out of obvious passing situations, has to start with you not only having Pierce in on only running plays. The kids gloves are still on and it's obvious. But with the possible decline of Derrick Henry, Frank Reich being Frank Reich, the division could be up for grabs, only I have Doug Peterson penciled in for Coach of the year, as I think the Jaguars will unfortunately win this division. The Titans are also poised for a QB controversy, and I honestly don't think Think Tank Frank will make it through the season. Chris Ballard may also be packaged in with that hot seat should Jim Irsay pick up the phone and speak to Sean Payton. With the top back in the league, and the Colts seemingly poised to fight for the #1 draft pick, what better situation to fall into than a dome stadium, top RB, and a owner who would let you shop for the groceries and cook the dinner.

So YES, the Texans find themselves yet again in the Stinky South division that is anyone's to take that isn't fighting for the #1 pick in the draft!

As always, GO TEXANS!!!!!!

Derwin in Cypress