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BRB Groupthink: Houston Texans 2022 Season 'Would You Rather’ Questions

The BRB hive got buzzing on their priorities heading into the season

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Five of the most premier minds following the Houston Texans answered six sizzling questions pertaining to the Texans 2022 season. There’s so many directions the team can head and the potential on the roster is immense. However, as we’ve come to know, you can’t have everything.

That’s why we proposed six questions, each phrased as a ‘Would you rather...” to see what the writers would prefer of two options heading into the season.

QUESTION 1. Would you rather Davis Mills double his TDs (from 16 to 32) OR double his INTs AND Wins(from 10 INTs and 2 wins to 20 INTs and 4 wins)

vballretired: I’d rather have Mills throw the extra TDs but my fear is that he performs just well enough to keep the job long term and he ultimately won’t be good enough.

Corydlg: If he doubles his INTs and ONLY doubles his wins, then that would be fine because we know he isn’t our QB of the future.

Randall Bronn: Mills doubling his td over int and wins just because with a td there more to look at when evaluating a quarterback

L4blitzer: Tough question, especially where wins are concerned. Wins and losses, with very few exceptions, are team efforts. Since Mills will never assume the burden (or he shouldn’t) of being the one-man gang, ala peak-Brett Favre/Dan Marino/Aaron Rodgers, “doubling his win total” is not as big an individual objective. I think for Mills, he can’t really be a “gunslinger”, so I would take the fewer INTs.

BFD: It’s unimportant.

QUESTION 2. WouLd you rather the Texans have the first and 28th pick (ie, the Texans be the worst team in the league this year and the Browns gave a run in the playoffs) or the 8th and 16th picks (ie, the Texans have a mediocre season and cannot get a top tier talent and have another mid round pick)

vballretired: I want the number one overall pick but mainly because I want the franchise QB and don’t want to have to trade draft capital. Plus, having number one also means having 33. You could trade 28 to a team desperate to get back in the first round and get an extra pick or two.

Corydlg: This is harder but I think having two top 20 picks is better than two in the top 30. Both players at 8 and 16 could/should be starters.

Randallbronn: Picking first Overall and 28th puts you in the best position to grab a franchise piece and complementary starter.

L4blitzer: Given the make-up of the roster, give me 8/16 over 1/28. Yes, that might put the team outside of the window for a “top” QB prospect, especially if Mills plays poorly. However, if the Texans move “back” to the 8th pick, it is likely that Mills is playing well enough to keep on the roster for another season. With an 8/16 package, you can always trade up. You can also stay at 8 and still get a solid prospect, especially in what is shaping up to be a much stronger QB draft for 2023. Pick 28…eh, better off trading back for some better value 2nd/3rd round picks.

BFD: Mediocrity has long been the Achilles heel of this franchise, especially since 2014. This team needs a chance at a franchise QB, and having the higher pick would help to some degree.

QUESTION 3. Would you rather Jalen Pitre win Defensive Rookie of the Year OR Marlon Mack win Comeback Player of the Year

note: this question was asked before Marlon Mack was released by the Texans

vballretired: I’d rather the rookies win the awards. Pitre looks like an all-pro and this team needs those guys.

Corydlg: Marlon Mack being comeback player of the year would imply a lot of success for our offense overall so I’d take that.

Randallbronn: Jalen Pitre win DROY simple he means more to the future.

L4blitzer: Pitre DRoY >>>>> Mack Comeback Player (and it is not even close).

BFD: Pitre. Mack is washed up and done.

QUESTION 4. Would you rather Davis Mills have a strong season OR both Dameon Pierce and Derek Stingley have strong seasons?

vballretired: I think Mills is an average QB. The sooner we can pick our next stud the better. Stingley, Pitre, and Pierce would solidify three positions in that scenario.

Corydlg: I think I’d rather the two rookies crush it. I think...

Randallbronn: Pierce and Stingley having strong season, even if Mills has a strong season I feel like it would have to be better then solid for him to keep going.

L4blitzer: Two rookies like Pierce and Stingley, Jr. having great opening seasons. Don’t want Mills to suck, mind you, but public school math; 2>1.

BFD: Pierce and Stingley. I love Pierce, but Stingley has a lot to prove, especially his health.

QUESTION 5. Would you rather the Texans win only four games all against division opponents OR win only four games against the Cowboys, Chiefs, Browns, and Chargers?

vballretired: I honestly could care less who we beat except for the Cowboys. I have 18 favorite teams: the Texans and whoever is playing the Cowboys.

Corydlg: Oh man a win over the Cowboys alone might make that worth it lol.

Randallbronn: A win is win but beating the best teams on the schedule would be pretty cool and would throw a big wrench into playoff standing with that loss in their record if there a tiebreaker.

L4blitzer: As much as the ex-Baltimore squad is the bane of the Texans’ existence, no Houston fan of any sort, of any age, would ever, EVER be ok with a loss to the Cowboys. Now, if the Texans are fated to only win 4 games, 3 of them must include 1 x win against the Titans, 1 x win against the Colts and 1 x win against the Cowboys. The 4th…well, a sweep of the aforementioned ex-Oilers or ex-Baltimore team, or possibly…

BFD: Beat those scrubby teams. I couldn’t care less about the AFCS (and I care little more about hanging another AFCS flag).

QUESTION 6. Would you want the Texans beat the Browns in Deshaun Watson’s return if it meant losing the first overall pick?

vballretired: I’d rather beat Watson. Your other scenario had us dropping to 8. This drops us to 2. We still get the second best QB in the draft and the Browns likely miss the playoffs.

Corydlg: Winning that game actually means nothing, but it might FEEL great. But probably not as great as picking first overall.

Randallbronn: It depends on if Cleveland needs the win to stay alive or keep pace, if Cleveland is just done when they get to Houston then take the first overall pick but if there in the running for their division a loss to a bad team like the Texans would kill their chances in a tie breaker scenario so give me that W.

L4blitzer: Upending the non-Art-Modell-associated Cleveland Browns. Maybe the Texans don’t have enough to beat the 2022 Browns sans Watson. Yet, the schadenfreude possibilities with Watson and all that he wrought would have a nice ring to it. Besides, in Week 12, if the Texans are in the poll position for the #1 pick, they would likely end up with a high enough pick to get a likely franchise QB prospect anyway. Maybe the best of all worlds is Watson having a game that would make him wish the suspension was at least one game longer, but the Texans, especially if they are really #1 pick bad, maintaining that slot with a tough loss

BFD: Oof. We don’t know what the college QB situation looks like with any assurance, but I think there are three legit contenders for the #1 overall. Beating Watson would be fantastic, though.

Let us know your thoughts and preferences in the comments!