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On The Record: NFL Week One Thursday Picks

We’re doing a little something different this year.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
This friggin’ guy.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You like football, right? Well that’s a silly question, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. I like football too; and not just Houston Texans football either. I’ll watch whatever’s on and, if I happen to be in a state where gambling is legal (or a casino in my current home state of Washington), I’ll even put a few bucks on a game; whatever’s on, whatever strikes me, and, of course, the Texans.

Am I successful? No, not even close because I bet with my heart and my heart is quite stupid. Is that going to stop me from giving y’all my picks this season?

Not even a little. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun in the process.

Over the course of this season, I will be submitting picks as part of a competition with the rest of SB Nation’s football blogs to see whose picks will reign supreme. We’ll be using odds from DraftKings Sportsbook each week.

And that begins with tonight’s opening night tilt between the Buffalo Bills and the defending Super Bowl champion LA Rams.

But Patrick, you might say, how is any of this different? We’ve had online picks contests before.

Here’s what’s different: unlike previous years, this year we’ll be using Tallysight to keep track of our picks over the course of the year. And my pick for SNFOTN (Sunday Night Football on Thursday Night) is:

Why the Bills with the money? Well, I believe in traditions; okay SOME traditions. Most traditions are just peer pressure from dead people and should be ignored as such. But the ones I like should be adhered to and respected. And one of the longstanding traditions in the NFL is the Super Bowl Hangover. The team that wins the Super Bowl the year before will be a much worse team and usually struggle to make the playoffs. The Super Bowl losers usually fail to make the playoffs entirely the next year. I think, while the NFC West is still theirs to lose, they will come out of the gate slow, as the hangover seems to love making itself known early.

How To Watch

What: Sunday Night Football on Thursday Night

Who: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams

When: Tomorrow, September 8, 2022 at 7:15 CDT

Where: SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles

Channel: NBC

See you tomorrow where I will show my picks for the first week of the season (mostly).