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5 Good Questions with Sports Radio 610’s Landry Locker

The midday host joins BRB for five good questions.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Houston Texans are hoping to turn the page on their recent past. A large part of that is the intrigue of the coaching search. Naturally, free agency and the draft will come after that. Landry Locker is here for all of it. He is the co-host of Inside the Loop on Sports Radio 610 (10 AM-2 PM weekdays) and he has started his own YouTube channel where he adds daily Texans content.

Locker agreed to sit down with us an answer some questions about the Texans from his perspective. Locker does have some unique opinions on the Texans and currently the only person pumping out daily Texans content on YouTube and the airwaves, so we are thankful he found the time to answer our questions.

Battle Red Blog: You have been vocal about not hiring Sean Payton. Is there a price point (draft capital and salary) where you would have been comfortable?

Landry Locker: I’m just not big on Sean Payton at this point, He quit on New Orleans. If Drew Brees was still there he likely would also still be there. This whole thing feels like a money grab. Plus, if we were in a different situation this might different. For instance, if we were in Dallas we might think differently. I want to find the early 2000s Sean Payton. I understand it from a credibility standpoint, but he never was my top choice and that is especially true with the draft compensation that is attached to it

BRB: Assuming Payton is off the table, what would your order of preference be? Do you think they ultimately get their guy (whoever that might be) or will we be settling for someone else?

LL: Demeco Ryans is my top choice. Gannon and Steichen would be tied for my next choice. The others would be okay and if they picked them I would trust that something is there. I could be talked into either one of the Philadelphia guys, but DeMeco is definitely my preference at this point. I am not necessarily excited about anyone else.

BRB: You have obviously been very vocal (as have we) about the folly of winning that last game. Let’s assume Bryce Young is off the board at number one. Who do you have at number two? Does that change at all depending on who the head coach is?

LL: I am Bryce Young or bust. Brandin Cooks punked the organization and I would be embarrassed if I am Nick Caserio. To allow him to insult the culture and team directly and then play those last games was a bad look. I really don’t like a quarterback at two if Young is off the board. I would be okay with Will Anderson in that scenario. Finding the defensive cornerstone works for me if Young is unavailable. There have been so many bad selections at quarterback over the years. If they take another one there I will root for them to be successful, but if Young is off the board I would prefer they do something else at the quarterback position and build the defense.

BRB: How much rope are you giving Nick Caserio? What needs to happen next year for you to be completely on board? What would need to happen for you to be completely out?

LL: Nick deserves to see this out. He doesn’t deserve to have total trust, but he should get more opportunities. The POS (person of service) Jack Easterby was the worst front office person we’ve seen in awhile. If the McNairs see something fishy going on they should take note and consider that, but I trust Nick enough to give him another opportunity to get this right. He inherited this mess and there was so much going on between Easterby, the Deshaun Watson situation on multiple fronts, a lack of draft picks and free agent dollars all at the same time. He should be tied to the coach for at least a couple of seasons and allowed to let this thing play out.

BRB: Jacksonville literally went worst to the divisional round in one year. How quickly can this organization turn things around and be competitive?

LL: They can do it very quickly. They have to sign the right free agents and getting the quarterback right would definitely help. Indianapolis is arguably in worse shape than the Texans as they stand right now. Tennessee has some cap issues due to the fact that some players are due for raises. They might have to lose some of the guys they already have on that squad to make it work. Jacksonville is obviously building but this division is wide open. The Eagles and Giants turned things around in one season in a tougher division. It could happen here relatively quickly. We would have to get the right coach and hit on the right quarterback with a good supporting cast, but it can happen. The next season will be fun to watch.

We would like to think Landry again for joining us. He is putting out some great content on his YouTube channel and on Sports Radio 610 (found on the Audacy App) from 10 to 2 from Monday through Friday. He has been putting in yeomen work as he comes on as many as several times per day every time news breaks about the coaching search.