Grading Caserio's 2022 Draft Class (It Isn't Pretty)

I always wondered how I was going to get married. How does one know how to pick someone that you will be with for the rest of your life?

Without a strategy or plan, I went with 'gut feel' and picked just absolutely horrendous potential partners. As with most 16-25 year old men, I was a hot steaming pile of chaos, and thought not only should I find my lifetime selection before my cortex was fully formed, but selected girls against the advice of most of my friends, family, pastors, shrinks, and my girlfriend's parole officers. The results were always catastrophic, for both the poor girl(s) and myself.

My inability to think clearly about where I was headed in life, and what key characteristics in a partner I needed for the next 60 years, nearly cost me a lifetime of crazy.

Why tell you this?

I feel the same way about my younger self as I do Caserio determining our future over the next 3-5 years looking back on our 2022 Draft Class. It could possibly be one of the worst drafts in Texans history...but for some reason we aren't talking about it.

The 2022 results are as follows (per PFF):
As a very sad reminder, we had 2 picks in the top 16, as well as two second rounders

- Pick 3: Stingley Jr - Rated in the bottom 15% of the entire 2022 CB class (missed on Sauce, Trent McDuffie)

- Pick 15: Kenyon Green - Rated dead last of the entire 2022 G class (missed on Zion Johnson, Cole Strange)

- Pick 37: Pitre - in the bottom 10% of Safeties

- Pick 44: Metchie III - DNP (Health)...

- Pick 75: Christian Harris - Rated Dead Last of the entire 2022 LB Class

- Pick 107: Damien Pierce - the sole bright spot, rated in the top 30% of HB's and honestly, I think what makes us give Caserio a pass in the draft

I won't bore you with the rest of our picks, but the storylines are all very similar that each selection sits in the basement of their respective groups. You can challenge PFF, much like I tried to justify dating the very pretty but slightly crazy girl who brought her mom to our first date, but I think these rankings are pretty reasonable.

As much grief as we have given Lovie this year, how has Caserio not come under similar scrutiny? You can make the case that Lovie didn't 'coach' them well, but Lovie was a Caserio decision - we also forget he was a .500 coach prior to this terrible year.

My terrible dating life eventually turned around. I figured out just how terrible I really was at picking, figured out what I wanted in life and what type of partner would run this long race of life with me. If I could have fired myself, I would have. Happily married now to a selfless, kind woman way above my league, and so glad that I finally got myself together.

If I'm McNair...I'm hopefully turning our drafting selections around and finding a GM who has a strategy & a plan, because all the data points to us having one of the worst talent evaluators in the league who doesn't seem to have either.