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Week 18 Saturday NFL Open Thread and Game Picks

No more Saturday football? No, More Saturday Football!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (6-10), January 7, 2023 3:30 p.m. CT

Where: Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

Channel: ESPN/ABC

Tennessee BESFs (7-9) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8), January 7, 2023 7:15 p.m. CT

Where: TIAA Bank Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

Channel: ESPN/ABC

As we trudge on to the end of the regular season, we get one more opportunity to enjoy football on a non-Sunday. Saturday football days are among the most precious as they grow in such rare circumstances to make them noteworthy when they happen. So when both games could have playoff implications (the Chiefs could win the bye week with the top seed and Jacksonville could finally be a real team and make their fourth playoff appearance in the 21st century.

But what’s a football day without football picks (after finishing second among all SB Nation Football blog participants!) We make picks for all the Saturday and Sunday games below. The Texans are currently 3-point underdogs to the Colts on DraftKings Sportsbook in a game that neither team wants to win, but there are actually some meaningful games on the Week 18 slate worth betting on!

For entertainment purposes only, please do not take financial advice from a football blog.

Please remember our Game Day thread guidelines.

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BRB community, this is your thread for today’s game. Enjoy!