Caserio's Scenario Luck or Logistical?

Fans in Houston went through an entire hurricane of hopes over the past 5 seasons. If anyone would write a path to the promise land, it wouldn't ever start with the suffering fans have had to endure. From Brock Osweiler, to finally getting our hands on Deshaun Watson, to trading DHop for David Johnson, to the coaching carousel of O'brien as GM, to Culley and Lovie. But when I look at the list of coaches that were in the mix, See Here Sports Illustrated Coaching Hire Rankings, outside of Mike McDaniels, and maybe Saleh, I wouldn't want any of them over Demeco Ryans. Getting a generational coach and quarterback, couldn't be more exciting for Houston ball. It's my hope that the fans will get back in the mix and return to the stadium. The new chant where CJ shouts TEXANS and we shout SWARM will soon resignate all the way out on Kirby.

Caserio's movement through his tenure are showing major results. From off season moves with the likes of Cashmen, to getting a 3rd round project in Davis Mills who came out early. Most were saying if he didn't come out early, he would go in early rounds. The fact that he was able to compete with this new coaching staff, could make us the best 1 and 2 options, definitely in the division. It's also my sole opinion that the rise and fall of the Patriots have a lot to do mostly with Brady's departure, but once Caserio left the Patriots, they lost that ability to get those journey men into the fold that kept them relevent over the years.

Not enough has been said about the whole McCown train, that lets be honest, the Brian Flores lawsuit may have derailed that option, and led to a mulligan hire of Lovie Smith. Oh and God Bless Lovie for being a fighter and a winner. Although I think he felt he was sticking it to us by winning that game. He in turn left us with a gift of GIFTS and now IN CJ WE TRUST.

When I look at this team at the bye, I couldn't be more excited about a squad with solid coaching and what seems to be a locker room full of DAWGS. I'm looking forward to better football days ahead.

And as Always,

GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!