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Poll: How are you feeling about the Texans in the DeMeco Ryans era, so far?

Is there enough evidence to make a determination?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As we prepare to head into Week 8 off the bye, nearly two months worth of NFL season games have come and gone. And with those games we’ve gained a pretty solid snapshot of just who DeMeco Ryans the head coach is and will be going forward.

Unlike past Houston Texans head coaches of recent years, David Culley, Lovie Smith and Bill O’Brien, Ryans brings a combination of incredible fire, great vision and an incredible football IQ. Take all that and mix it with his history as a player, particularly one of the most celebrated defenders in Texans history, and it seems like he literally is the perfect man for the job.

But, does that mean he’s doing a perfect job? Is he Coach of the Year material?

While Ryans might not hit the track of “Greatest Rookie Head Coach EVER”, he still has the chance to land his name among some of the best.

George Seifert took over for what many consider one of, if not THE greatest head coach of all time in Bill Walsh and took the San Francisco 49ers to a 14-2 record.

Jim Harbaugh, currently the head coach of the NCAA Michigan Wolverines, ended his rookie campaign at 13-3, also with the 49ers albeit a generation later.

The legendary John Madden went 12-1-1 with the Oakland Raiders.

Jim’s brother John Harbaugh went 11-5 with the Baltimore Ravens.

And the list of double digit first season wins goes on from there including Bill Cowher, Chuck Knox, Dennis Green, Mike Tomlin, George Halas, Sean Peyton and more.

Can Ryans get his name onto this list? Of course.

Will he? Well, that’s easier said than done at this juncture.

And, honestly, having one of those sorts of seasons isn’t a bar Ryans has to clear to make believers out of the H-Town fanbase.

So far he (with the help of general manager Nick Caserio) has assembled a solid coaching staff, brought in a strong offensive and defensive schemes, taken a rookie quarterback and helped him into the Offensive Rookie of the Year conversation and most importantly, fixed the cancerous culture left behind by the previous regime.

While all that certainly sounds like a win to me, the question for today is does it sound like a win to you?


Are you happy with the Houston Texans’ Demeco Ryans era?

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