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Houston Texans rookie center Jarrett Patterson suffers “lower leg injury” in loss against Panthers

Get well soon, Patterson. No, seriously, speed it up.

NFL: Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all the shuffle about the impressive seasons of Houston Texans rookies C.J. Stroud, Will Anderson, and Tank Dell is the Texans’ sixth round pick out of Notre Dame Jarrett Patterson.

Considering he was supposed to spend this season on the bench behind Juice Scruggs and Scott Quessenberry, Patterson has held his own on the field. He’s registered a 60.4 rating in PFF and is one of two linemen so far this season who has yet to give up a sack on Stroud (with Tytus Howard being the other lineman). So it’s not like he’s been a traffic cone on the line.

Unfortunately, this is the Houston Texans and we’re not allowed to have nice things, especially, this season, on the offensive line. Patterson suffered a “lower leg injury” in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers.

“Out for some time” is never a phrase you want associated with any player on your team, especially when that player is in a position with two other players also nursing injuries.

Until Juice Scruggs returns from his injury, which Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans was quoted as saying “not there yet” when asked about Scruggs’ health, the Texans will have to rely on backup C/G Michael Deiter to fill in. Deiter played center for the rest of the fourth quarter after Patterson was carted off the field.

Sure, why not, what’s one more injured lineman, right?

How are we feeling, Texans fans? How worried should we be for the team now that the team is on their fourth string center?

Gotta tell you, I’m not enjoying this part of the season.