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Tennessee Titans take uniform fiasco to next level

Titans angling to be most hated franchise in pro sports at this rate

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

After stepping in the mess of wearing the Houston Oilers uniforms on Sunday, the Tennessee Titans appeared to go one step further down “a douche does what?” boulevard and allegedly had “Big Brother” Roger Goodell and the NFL fire off a cease and desist letter to the University of Houston for wearing what appears to be Oiler’s themed alternate uniforms.

While I didn’t consult an IP attorney on this topic, it seems since the U of H is selling merchandise using a color scheme resembling that of the Houston Oilers, there might be legal grounds to have this cease and desist upheld.

That is, if there weren’t likely a few hundred other examples of NCAA teams wearing similar color schemes to NFL Franchises. Or, has no one in Nashville seen the Iowa Hawkeyes and Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms before?

But, the law is the law.

On the other hand, what’s right is right, and this is wrong.

The NFL spends MILLIONS of dollars every year to market themselves as this wonderful, socially just, caring, good for the world organization. So, why go to these lengths to attempt to protect IP rights that really may not have infringement happening to them?


  • If the U of H sells a few hundred thousand of these shirts, does that really affect the NFL’s bottom line?
  • Are the Cougars actually impeding the NFL’s Mississippi River-wide revenue stream with this?
  • Is the U of H social media department on course to bring the NFL’s golden goose to its knees?
  • Are the 32 NFL owners in danger of bankruptcy because a college is using these colors?
  • Does the storied city of Nashville feel assaulted by this?
  • Are the citizens of Tennessee fearful for their future over the alleged “misuse” of this color combination?

These are all legitimate questions. Silly maybe, but legit.

So what’s the real reason?

Could it be the alternate-Oilers move backfired and the BESFs are trying to double down in order to “save face” now? And the only avenue they see is to attack an institution of higher learning?

Or is this all just some public megalomania carried out on the neurotic whims of a 1%-er who can’t stand that anyone, anywhere would dare to defy them?