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Texans open as slight underdogs, again, against Saints in Week 6

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Again.

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Okay, that sucked. I mean really sucked. The Houston Texans had every opportunity, and I do mean EVERY opportunity, to win against a middle of the road Atlanta Falcons team and simply couldn’t get anything going.

It’s games like this that remind me that I have to keep telling myself “Not this year. Not yet. Soon.”

Because that’s the case with the team. They’ve shown flashes of what this team can accomplish but aren’t at the level where they can dig down and pull out wins in bad situations. They’ll get there. When, exactly? I don’t know, I’m not a psychic (because those aren’t real). But I do believe we’ll get there much sooner now than earlier.

This will be a learning experience for them and at least we got to see C.J. Stroud lead a fourth quarter, come from behind drive, the way franchise quarterbacks are expected to do from time to time.

But enough about that, I’m tired of thinking about it, let alone writing about it. Let’s go on to next week’s matchup against the New Orleans Saints; or, as it’s being referred to in my house: the Lawyers on the Phone game as my wife is a major New Orleans Saints fan.

Let’s get to this week’s opening odds, brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook.

So, again, starting out as 2.5 point underdogs against another NFC South team.

Opening Odds for Week 6


FAVORED: New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
UNDERDOG: Houston Texans (+2.5)

Note: For those of you who aren’t aware of the meaning, the points are a handicap system. So in this case, imagine the game and before the kickoff even happens, someone has spotted the Houston Texans 2.5 points.

So basically a point line, in this case, is giving the Texans a 2.5-0 head start. And the Saints have to win by at least points to beat the spread. If they beat them by less than three points, the Texans win the bet. Since the spread ends with a .5, it ensures that there won’t be a push, so you will either win or lose this bet.

Over/Under: 40.5

Note: This one is pretty straightforward. You decide whether you think the total combined score will be more or less than 42 points.


New Orleans Saints (-135)
Houston Texans (+114)

Note: This one is a little more complicated. The best way to imagine it is if you have $100 to bet initially. If you bet your $100 on the Texans and they win the game, you get $214 (your initial $100, plus the $114 from the win). If you take the Saints moneyline, you have to bet $135 to win $100 for a total of $235 ($135 initial bet, plus the $100 you get from the win).

For entertainment purposes only. Please do not take financial advice from a football blog.

Go Texans.