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Veterans Day 2023

Wishing all a good and solemn Veterans Day from Battle Red Blog

President Biden Visits Arlington Cemetery For Services Honoring Veterans Day Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Hopefully, this article finds you enjoying the mid-way point of a 3-day weekend. Given that this official and solemn holiday falls on a weekend, many in the government and workplace used this past Friday as Veterans Day Observed. If all is going well, you are enjoying another fun-filled weekend of football of various flavors, from college to the suddenly resurgent and exciting Texans.

Yet, as we go about our lives this fall weekend, it is also important for all of us to consider what is so significant about this day. It was 105 years ago on this day that the supposed “War to End All Wars” saw the guns fall silent after 4 years of horrid warfare. Regrettably, we have had many more engagements, with many more casualties. However, this day has been set aside across the globe to commemorate all those who have fought for their country.

For America, while the long counter-terrorism wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are over, there are still thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, coast guardsmen and guardians conducting their sworn missions to defend this nation. Numerous personnel are engaged in missions that take them into armed conflict across the world. We have men and women working in deterrence, giving our adversaries pause before they would harm this country and its interests.

These men and women are not gods, nor are they perfect, but they do their jobs with dedication and sacrifice. While that does not always mean the ultimate sacrifice of life, it does mean that they don’t control their own destinies. They may be called on a moment’s notice to race across the globe, or get that late night call to come in to manage a potential threat to national security. They and their families bear the brunt of national defense, which is far from easy.

While the expression “Thank you for your service” can come across as trite and for many a serviceman/woman, cringe-worthy, it is on a day like today when that holds meaning. Certainly we can and will honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, but it is important to acknowledge the debt to those who have served and continue to serve with honor.

So, from all of us at Battle Red Blog, we say thank you to those that have served and/or continue to serve to provide for the common defense of this nation. Let us hope that this weekend is one of rest, relaxation, but of reflection. While in a perfect world, there would be no need for a day like this, for there would be no war or conflict, we do offer our humble thanks on a day like today to honor those that did stand or currently stand in harm’s way