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Texans win third game in a row vs. Cardinals

The Houston Texans are now 6-4 aafter a huge defensive effort in the second half

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The final will say 21-16 and the stories will be about C.J. Stroud’s three picks in Arizona Cardinals territory. It should have been a bigger blowout than the final outcome, but it counts as a win in the standings either way. Devin Singletary, Tank Dell, and Nico Collins made key plays on offense, but this win was about Will Anderson, Christian Harris, and the defense.

It was a tale of two halves. In the first half the Houston Texans offense could not be stopped. They ripped off 21 points and if you don’t throw a key pick and run an inexplicable fourth down pitch play then you could have 27 or even 31 points. Simply put, the Cardinals could not stop Stroud and the passing game. Then, the second half happened.

The team could have easily dominated the game. They had two red zone picks and a missed field goal. They also had a failed fourth down play. Just give them two field goals there and the game would have been on ice. Instead, they had to sweat out another last minute drive on defense like they have had in each of the past five games. For the defense, it has been a recipe for disaster in past weeks.

it wasn’t on this day. This game was all about the defense in the second half. Three drives stalled in Houston territory. Will Anderson had his best game as a pro and Christian Harris made two key plays at the end of the game. The Texans improve to 6-4 after a crucial fourth quarter from the defense.

That puts the Texans in prime playoff position with seven games left on the season. Do they have the stones to make it happen? How will C.J. Stroud respond to his arguably his worst performance as a pro? Let’s hear from you in the comments. Are you excited about your Houston Texans.