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Houston Texans on three game win streak!

In Demeco We Trust.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

With yesterday’s decisive win against the Arizona Cardinals the Houston Texans are officially on a three-game win streak. In the grand scheme of NFL history, that’s not a huge deal. For a team that hasn’t seen three consecutive dubs since 2018, it’s huge.

Best of all? It was another team victory. Sure MVP candidate and still a rookie C.J. Stroud did Stroud things, but he wasn’t the only bright light in this performance.

For the second straight week, the Texans had a 100+ yard rusher in Devin Singletary, who gained 112 yards on 22 carries for a whopping 5.09 yard per carry average.

Another rookie, Tank Dell, racked up 149 receiving yards and a touchdown on eight receptions. Man, this kid is exciting to watch!

Second year cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. let the world know he was back with a hit-stick tackle that decleated the entire Cardinals receiving corps (not really, but wow!) followed up by a beautiful interception.

And while it’s hard to point at just one player for the overall success, it is pretty easy to figure out the one man responsible for this resurgence in the Houston Texans.

I don’t remember what I had for breakfast last Sunday, but I remember the day the Houston Texans let Demeco Ryans leave for the Philadelphia Eagles. I was shocked, disappointed and ultimately disillusioned in the braintrust of the team. Ryans was a great player, who brought a real energy and focus to the Texans defense as a linebacker.

I also remember the moment it was announced ‘Meco was coming back as the new head coach. That same energy and focus, honed by a decade of growth, now applied to the entire organization.

A rookie quarterback in the league MVP conversation and a head coach in the NFL Coach of the Year talks.

And, best of all, the memories are still in the making.


Next up: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the AFC South division lead.