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Third-string QB Case Keenum to start Sunday for Texans against Titans

Have a seat Davis Mills. It’s time to bring in the big guns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

When C.J. Stroud went into concussion protocol Sunday in the Houston Texans’ loss to the New York Jets, it was generally assumed by Texans fans that Davis Mills would get the nod in place of the probable Offensive Rookie of the Year.

And in any other year (where the Texans were in playoff contention), we would get a heaping helping of Mills. But it’s a new world at Texans HQ these days.

According to former Chronicle reporter, and current KPRC reporter Aaron Wilson, DeMeco Ryans and Co. have decided to go with the veteran Keenum over Mills for the Texans’ next game against the BESFs.

It’s a surprise to say the least, but not an unwelcome one. According to Wilson:

Keenum’s big-game experience as Texans need this game in ultra-crowded AFC playoff race.

Never mind how the season has gone so far. Never mind how great C.J. Stroud and the Texans have been this season, THIS is the least expected part of this season.

The Houston Texans bypassing Davis Mills in favor of the old hand Keenum who has the “big-game experience” of a couple of games in a fluky Minnesota Vikings playoff run to go against the BESFs, who will be cross-dressing as a Houston sports team.

If you said that our season would hinge on Case Keenum, I’d have said you need to go sleep it off. But here we are.

I think it’s the right decision, personally. While I don’t know that Case Keenum will be the difference between victory and defeat on Sunday, I know for almost absolute certain that Davis Mills will not be the difference.

What do y’all think? Like the move? Hate it? Want to spit two minutes of hate at Tennessee?

Have at it in the comments.