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Texans’ C.J. Stroud has “It”

Whatever “it” is... if you know, you know.

NFL: Houston Texans Training Camp Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

So many want to quantify a quarterback’s success or failure by their statistics, passing yards, touchdowns thrown, QBR, etc.. But what really defines a great quarterback is “it” and whether or not they possess “it” or just don’t have “it”.

What exactly is “it”?

If defining “it” was easy, someone would have done so a long time ago.

Some try synonymously: “it” is an x-factor, a 6th sense, a psychic ability, the power to bend space/time to their will.

Sure that gives a sense of what “it” is, but doesn’t really define this special characteristic.

So, instead of tilting at that windmill of the undefinable, let’s just get on with it (no, not that “it”) and say that it’s pretty clear Houston Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud has “it”.

In fact, Peyton Manning, a quarterback who certainly had “it”, recently interviewed Texans veteran quarterback Case Keenum. Everyone in that room agreed that Stroud has “it” as well.

We can find evidence of “it” by deep-diving into stats, like come from behind victories, performance increases when it matters most, elevation of surrounding players’ stats when the “it”-laden player is on the field, and other things like that. Ultimately, players with “it” find a way to win, often seeming to pull the win from thin air by sheer force of will.

In even better news, when a quarterback possessing “it” partners with a head coach who also has “it”, special things happen.

While expecting the Texans to win it all in 2023 might be a bit pie-in-the-sky, 2024 is looking to be one of the best seasons in H-Town pro ball history the way things are going.

However, even in the playoffs, “any given Sunday” is a thing. NFL history is littered with stories of upstart teams going all the way. Stranger things have happened.

With the right weather, an untimely opponent injury (or injuries), a few head scratching ref calls and the proper amount of “it”, C.J. Stroud and head coach DeMeco Ryans just might take this iteration of the Houston Texans places, this season, none of us would have dared believe just 10 short months ago.

Right now, Ryans and Stroud have destiny laid out in front of them. With 2 of the AFC playoff contenders on the remaining schedule and wins against 4 others... it’s possible. If the Texans can take out the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts, the entire world will know what we all believe: this team is legit.