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Texans vs. Browns: How to watch, TV schedule, radio broadcast and more

Wanna watch a Texans game? Here’s how you can.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

After the Houston Texans’ highly satisfying win against that team who wore Oilers colors once upon a time, the Texans have an opportunity to right another historical wrong.

Well, kinda.

Today, the Texans take on the gutless wonder Deshaun Watson (who will not be playing Sunday on account of being gutless) and the Cleveland Browns.

Where will it be on?

Most places, as it turns out. For the early game, the Texans appear to get most of the national audience, which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

Let’s take a look at 506 Sports’ big board.


Red: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans (Ian Eagle, Charles Davis)

Green: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans (Andrew Catalon, Tiki Barber, Matt Ryan)
Yellow: Washington Commanders at New York Jets (Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta)
Blue: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LATE) (Kevin Harlan, Trent Green)

See? National-ish broadcast. Now, here’s what you need to know to watch the game.

Who: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

What: Week 16 of the NFL season

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston, TX

When: Sunday, December 24, 12:05 pm CST

Why: Tis the season for Texans football.

TV: CBS (Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta)

Radio: KILT Sports Radio 610 AM

Streaming: NFL+, Paramount+, YouTubeTV (via Sunday Ticket)

Current Game Odds:

Point Spread:

Cleveland Browns (-3) (opened at +2.5)
Houston Texans (+3) (opened at -2.5)

Over/Under: 40 (opened at 42)

Money Line Odds:

Browns -148 (opened at +114)
Texans +124 (opened at -135)
(per DraftKings Sportsbook)

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Go Texans