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Best NFL prop bets for Titans v. Texans

Wanna make a quick buck from really obscure bets on the Texans game? Well, say no more.

He’s back. It’s over for all y’all.
Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images

On Sunday, the Houston Texans close out their home and home against the mouth-breathers from Kentucky or whatever state they supposedly represent. DraftKings Sportsbook has the Texans as 3.5-point favorites over the Tennessee Titans to close out the year.

It’s hate week part deux. And what better way to stick it to the BESFs than by making a few bucks off of their suffering and eventual defeat?

We got y’all covered; us and DraftKings, that is. And we picked out a few prop bets that are either likely to hit or ambitious enough that it would be worth a cheapo bet.

325+ C.J. Stroud Alternate Passing Yards (+450)

I know you’re probably thinking “But Patrick, Stroud’s just come back from concussion. There’s no way he’s going to get back to that level that fast, right?”

I don’t know. What I do know is that the Baby-Eating Sister-[Kitten]ers are playing for nothing but pride right now and because they’re the Baby-Eating Sister-[Kitten]ers, they have no pride, it’s part of the contract when players sign with the team. So while it’s ambitious, it’s not impossible.

First Texans Drive Touchdown Scorer - Dalton Schultz (+1400)

Again, ambitious but not insane. Schultz has been heavily involved in the offense lately and against a dejected and hopeless team like Tennessee, you have to think that the Texans would try to press the advantage early. Why not Schultz?

Anytime TD Scorer - Robert Woods (+400)

Sure Robert Woods hasn’t been incredibly impressive this season, and I have no solid evidence-based reason for picking this. I just feel like Woods is due for a TD tomorrow.