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Texans to play in primetime game for regular season finale vs. Colts

It took 18 weeks, but they finally got there.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

With the way Stroud and Anderson and all have been playing for the Houston Texans, you would’ve expected at some point in the season that the Texans would get flexed into a primetime game; whether that’s Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night. 17 games went past and the Texans stayed in their standard noontime playing slot week in and week out.

Well, better late than never, as they say, because as of right now, the Texans are going primetime.


It’s not the same as getting the prime spot on Sunday Night Football for Week 18, but at least once this season, we’ll be waiting all day for Saturday night.

So mark it down on your calendars, folks, because A Very Special Edition of Monday Night Football on Saturday Night will feature your Houston Texans on the road to take on the Indianapolis Colts for a winner-take-all showdown to claim one of the few remaining playoff spots left.

Saturday January 6
7:15 p.m. CST

Hopefully, this game ends the same way it did when the Texans faced the Colts on the last game of the season last year: with a win that would change franchise history.

See y’all then.