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Countdown to Super Bowl LVII

One more time for the road, some picks to make you money .. maybe.

Super Bowl LVII - Previews Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Good morning all you guys and gals and non-binary pals out there and welcome to Super Bowl LVII. Today, we’ll watch the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs square off for a shiny silver trophy that I hope with all my heart the Houston Texans get to hold one day.

This time last year was possibly the lowest point I’d ever experienced as a Houston Texans fan. It was enough to try even the patience of a saint. A coach without a clue, an owner who didn’t care, a GM in absentia, a quarterback with horrific legal issues, and a pastor in control of it all. Anybody who gave up on the Texans after that would have been entirely justified and rational. Those of us who remained, now hardened after passing the most stringent of acid tests, have been tempered against the worst, most demoralizing season of football possibly in the history of ever (shut up, Browns).

But that was then. In the worst of times. We’re through the worst. The sun peeks through the clouds after a long and bleak winter. We have a local legend and this year’s Assistant Coach of the Year winner as our new head coach who is eager to teach his players. We have tens of millions of dollars in salary cap space to work with in free agency. We have another vast array of draft picks to build the core of this soon-to-be very young team.

The worst is over. This is the end of the beginning. And it’s time for the Texans to build a team to take the Lombardi to Kirby Drive.

And now, because I like y’all and want you to have a chance to make this Super Bowl a little more interesting, here are some prop bets I’m taking on the game from DraftKings Sportsbook. They’ve been chosen more or less at random except that every bet taken had a plus sign in front. You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

For entertainment purposes only.

Please do not take financial advice from a football blog.

Enjoy the game, y’all, and go Birds.