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Breaking News: Jimmy Garoppolo Chooses the Raiders

Another possible Texan goes off the board.

NFL: OCT 16 49ers at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Once DeMeco Ryans and Bobby Slowik came over from the San Francisco 49ers to the Houston Texans, Jimmy Garoppolo had been linked to the Houston Texans. His name even came up in Bobby Slowik’s introductory press conference. Now, we can put those rumors to bed. Jimmy Garoppolo has agreed to join the Las Vegas Raiders according to a number of reports.

Details on the contract are still to come. The fit seems to make perfect sense. Every offseason has a game of quarterback musical chairs. The Raiders cut Derek Carr and he went to the Saints. That was the first chair to get taken. It appears as if the New York Jets are in on Aaron Rodgers. That meant that Garoppolo was the next domino to fall.

As far as the Texans are concerned, this development would seem to indicate that Texans are committed to taking their franchise quarterback in the draft. It is still possible for the Texans to sign one of the veterans available in free agency, but it would seem more likely that whoever they sign would be a backup option.