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Five Texans Questions with Ron “The Show” Hughley

The Afternoon Drivetime host joins BRB for five questions.

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Houston Texans have reached the second phase of their offseason. They’ve hired their head coach, their assistant coaches, and they are actively scouting amateur talent in advance of the draft. Now, free agency has begun. The NFL never takes any time off. Ron “The Show” Hughley (@RealRonTheShow) has been here for all of it. He co-hosts the afternoon show on 610 AM with Clint Stoerner.

Most of the talk around Houston is about who will be playing quarterback for the Texans next season. Ultimately, even if they add a veteran they will likely add a rookie in the draft. Ultimately, this is where the conversation began.

Battle Red Blog: Now that the combine is in the rear view mirror, what is your pecking order in terms of rookie quarterbacks? Did anything happen to change your opinion? Is there anything else you want to know about them?

Ron Hughley: The combine was a big week for the quarterbacks. I would rank them in this order:

  1. Bryce Young
  2. C.J. Stroud
  3. Anthony Richardson
  4. Will Levis

My one change since the combine is my feeling on Anthony Richardson. If I’m drafting in the top five I need someone that I feel has the skill set to be elite. I only feel that way about two quarterbacks. Young and now Richardson.

BRB: Are you committed to taking a QB with that first pick or is there another route you’d be okay with at that spot? Did the Jalen Carter situation change your thinking any?

RH: Quarterback is clearly the top need for the Texans. but I wouldn’t be locked into anyone with the exception of Bryce Young. If Young isn’t available I would move to the Texans second biggest need in my opinion and that’s a difference making defensive lineman and that would be Jalen Carter for me. With the information we know about the legal situation involving Carter he wouldn’t be off my board.

BRB: Do you have a preference at number 12 and is that linked at all to what you are doing at number two overall?

RH: With the 12th pick my mindset is a playmaker on the perimeter, which has been an issue since the Deandre Hopkins trade. Two that stand out to me are Jaxson Smith-Njigba and Quentin Johnston.

BRB: Free agency has begun. When training camp opens in July, what will a win in free agency look like for the Texans? Are there specific names you are interested in or are there specific positions you’d like to see addressed?

RH: A win in free agency for the Texans means focusing on fixing the front seven. The front seven has as many holes as any place on the roster. The Texans need to find veteran players that fit the system that DeMeco Ryans wants to run.

BRB: What are your expectations for the Texans in 2023? Do you think worst to first is possible or do you have a more modest expectation in mind?

RH: My expectations for the Texans in 2023 is hard to predict without knowing the quarterback situation. Overall it’s competitive football and clear steps taken by young players that sets the Texans up for a realistic chance to be in the playoff hunt in year two of DeMeco Ryans.

We want to thank Ron again for joining us to answer our questions. As just a reminder, you can hear him and Clint Stoerner from 2 PM to 6 PM from Monday through Friday everyday on 610. We want to wish him the best and obviously hope the Texans give us something to talk about.