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Houston Texans One-Two Punch: Pierce & Singletary

Opposing defenders beware

NFL: NOV 03 Eagles at Texans Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you paid any attention at all to the 2022 Houston Texans, you know one of the very few bright spots was then-rookie running back Dameon Pierce. The bruising young tailback had what many could argue was the best Texans rookie rushing seasons in history going on until it was derailed by injury. And poor play calling (see: Tankathon v.2022).

What Pierce lacked wasn't of his own making, but that of the context surrounding his freshman campaign. Head scratching game management followed by not so great offensive line play, and a lack of any legit passing threat allowed opposing defenses to simply stack the box when they saw #31 on the field.

Pierce also lacked the complimentary back to help take some of the load off the young man’s shoulders.

Well, the game management concerns should remain no more. DeMeco Ryans don’t play that.

The offensive line, improved greatly so far this offseason, will likely take a franchise-sized step forward in 2023 as well.

And, new offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik brings a more viable passing attack than whatever last season was...

Which brings us to the “2” of the 1-2 punch.

Houston Texans sign Devin Singletary

In four seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Singletary has gained 3,151 yards on 672 runs for a 4.7 yard per carry career average. He’s hit pay dirt 16 times, caught 145 passes for 971 yards and another 4 touchdowns.

While he isn’t the second coming of Arian Foster, he should certainly provide a mad upgrade over Rex Burkhead.

Singletary has the vision to see the holes and know where to run, the speed to clear the gaps in the defense, the agility to make opponents miss tackles and the power to break the ones that aren’t missed.

Houston Texans One-Two Punch: Pierce & Singletary

While gobs of success in the high flying Buffalo Bills offense doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the brand new Houston Texans offense, Singletary will certainly contribute his share of game changing moments.

Imagine watching Pierce pick up a 1st down by forcing several missed tackles. Then on the next play, he bulldozes 2 or 3 defenders. He steps off the field for a Gatorade moment and in comes Singletary with fresh legs... defenders, already sucking wind with hands on hips, see Singletary and think “Are you kidding me with this?”

If you’re a running game fan, it’s time to get excited. If you’re one of those “only care about my fantasy team and Pierce is gonna get less carries” people whining on Twitter: don’t care.

Watching these 2 run around, over & through opposing defenses is going to be a lot of fun.