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Five Texans Questions with 790 AM’s Adam Wexler

The drivetime host joins Battle Red Blog for five questions.

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The Houston Texans have been active the past couple of weeks in free agency and there is more news to come later in April when the draft comes. Adam Wexler (@AdamJWexler) has been a fixture in Houston sports for nearly 20 years. You can currently find him during the afternoon on 790 AM with Adam Clanton on the A Team. He also serves as a radio game analyst for the Houston Rockets and a fill-in anchor on ATT Sportsnet.

Wexler was gracious enough to sit down with us to answer five questions about the Houston Texans. This represented the first interview we have done after the majority of free agents were signed, sealed, and delivered. So, most of the conversation centered on the Texans activities over the past couple of weeks.

Battle Red Blog: Following the trade where the Panthers moved up, how has your view of the number two pick changed? Who do you see going number one overall? Who do you see the Texans taking?

Adam Wexler: Nothing has changed. I think the Texans should be fine selecting either C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young. It never seemed like the Texans were completely locked in on any particular quarterback, so drafting number two, regardless of whatever team is in front of them, doesn’t change my view of the number two pick. I wish I had a strong lean on either Stroud or Young as the top pick, but I just don’t yet, but I do see the Texans taking whichever quarterback among those two that is not drafted number one overall.

BRB: Has free agency changed your view of #12 overall at all? What position do you think is the most critical there? Do you have a specific prospect in mind?

AW: Free agency has not changed my view of the number 12 pick or any other picks the Texans will make. The free agent additions are not likely building blocks. Draft picks should be. With five selections in the top 75 - those picks should produce the players that are foundation pieces. They should be unafraid to draft best player available. I do think wide receiver or edge rusher with the talent likely available at no. 12 could be what the Texans select - if I had to put a name on the pick, I’d go with Ohio St. WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

BRB: The first wave of free agency appears to be over. Were you satisfied with Nick Caserio’s approach? If not, what would you have liked to have seen him address?

AW: The approach was calculated and careful once again. The only difference is a slight uptick in the quality of players they signed - true starters that would be expecting to start no matter the team they signed with, not just starters with Houston because there’s a dearth of talent. What they did makes sense, makes the team better and they’re again set up to have loads of cap space available to bring some of these free agent signings back or aim even higher in free agency next offseason.

BRB: Who was your favorite addition from free agency? Which player do you think will have the biggest impact in 2023?

AW: For the first time in three offseasons for Nick Caserio - this is a tough question to answer. Running back Devin Singletary, the two defensive tackles (Hassan Ridgeway & Sheldon Rankins) and safety Jimmie Ward immediately come to mind. The days of handing the ball off to incapable backs appear to be over with Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary in the backfield together. I’ll say Rankins has the biggest impact as a run stuffer - it’s way too easy for teams to extend drives, burn clock and score points on the Texans by simply opening up holes up the middle and churning up yards..

BRB: Obviously there is still a long way to go with more free agents and the draft, but at this point what do you see as the ceiling for the 2023 Texans?

AW: The ceiling for the Texans is so reliant on the play of their new quarterback. The defense will be improved, but if the offense can be too, then a season of seven or eight wins is probably within reach especially considering their schedule includes six games in the uninspiring AFC South and a full slate of games against the AFC North and NFC South.

We want to thank Adam again for joining us for five questions. Remember, you can catch him on his afternoon show on 790 AM and during Rockets games as a radio analyst during some of their games. Stay tuned for more five question segments as we prepare for the most exciting draft in several years for your Houston Texans.