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2023 NFL Combine Open Thread

Let’s watch some potential Houston Texans prospects work out, shall we?

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “man, I could do what that guy does” when you’re watching football, the NFL Combine will turn to you with a smile on its face and say “no the [kitten] you couldn’t.”

Because this is where we see the drills that the NFL players of tomorrow go through to improve their draft standing.

It’s entertaining to watch, although at a certain point, you can only see large men run the 40 yard dash so often. It reminds us (okay, me) that the power, speed, agility, and strength these players have can be downright jaw-dropping to watch on display.

So, park yourselves in whatever comfortable seating arrangement you prefer, put on NFL Network and watch future Houston Texans like Bryce Young (later in the week) run passing drills and defensive linemen bench press a Greyhound bus, or close to it.

The thread is yours to comment in. Please keep it clean, maintenance doesn’t come around as often as we’d prefer.