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Titans Dislike Tennessee So Much They’ll Wear Houston Oilers Gear in 2023

BESFs take “lame” to a new level...

Houston Oilers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. When you decide that something meant to define your entire city is best off imitating another city’s finest, that’s next level. Or just sad...

Apparently the ownership of the Tennessee Titans is so unable to see a true future for their team, they’ve decided to look to the past. Instead of honoring whatever they might find in Nashville’s rich history, they’ve decided it’s best to praise the days of Earl Campbell, Warren Moon and Bum Phillips.

The NFL is famous for attention grabs, but this might take the cake. Then defecate on said cake and try to serve it up as fresh chocolate.

Lame, thy name is the Titans.

If they really want to put a compelling spin on it, then go ahead and send Derrick Henry down to H-Town so he can kill the Oilers Titans the way he’s killed the Houston Texans so many times before.

While the Titans management would need to be clinically insane to trade Henry within the division, that same management thinks it’s a good idea to wear another team’s throwback uniforms, so anything goes up there in BESFville.

In the end the best looking thing on the field, uniform-wise, will be the Battle Red Helmet. So, H-Town embraces the future, Tennessee clings to the past. Same old, same old...