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Jimmy Garoppolo to the Texans Rumors Heat Up

Will the grizzled vet reunite with former coaches in Houston?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It’s pretty easy to follow the bread crumbs that lead from the Bay Area to the Gulf Coast when it comes to free agent quarterbacks. The notion of former San Francisco 49ers signal caller Jimmy Garoppolo signing with the Houston Texans to reunite with new H-Town offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik, under new head coach DeMeco Ryans isn’t far fetched.

And, according to the rumor mill, that spins like an F5 this time of year, there’s no lack of effort inside NRG to make it happen.

We discussed this idea last month and it didn’t seem to have a lot of traction with Texans fans.

However, having Jimmy G running the Slowik offense would get this team turned around a lot faster than waiting on a rookie - or nearly any other veteran - to get up to speed.

In a perfect world, Garoppolo could run the offense until a rook was ready to step in later this season or next. That would also allow Nick Caserio to grab his choice of the top defenders with the #2 overall pick. Another bonus to that is relieving any pressure to trade with the Chicago Bears to get the top spot and use it to draft whichever quarterback the Texans are eye-balling.

Then reality sets in.

Garoppolo is likely after a fat payday, which isn’t in the Texans best interests.

He’s also likely looking for a team that’s in “win-now” mode. Not gonna find that here for at least a year or two...

One truth we’ve all learned over the last few years: don’t expect that anyone can apply logic to the Texans and predict the future.

However, if the two sides can make this work in some sort of win-win deal, having a veteran to lead the quarterback room, get the new offense rolling, and hand the ball to Dameon Pierce after scaring the defense out of stacking the box wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Might not be the best either...