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2023 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Trade Up, Select Juice Scruggs in Round 2

The Texans pick their next starting center prodigy in Juice Scruggs and keep the train moving.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On a day of wheeling and dealing, Houston joined in on all the fun and selected center Juice Scruggs from Penn State.

Scruggs is the Texans’ third pick in the 2023 NFL draft and joins a group with quarterback C.J. Stroud and pass rusher Will Anderson Jr.

In order to make the trade, the Texans moved up three spots from No. 65 to 62, costing them the No. 188 and No. 230 overall picks.

Here’s the NFL Scouting Report on Scruggs:

A two-year starter with center/guard versatility, Scruggs is dependable and consistent in carrying out his assignment to the best of his ability. He plays like a block of granite that is difficult to push back or knock off-balance, but he’s more of a neutralizer than road grader. He plays with solid technique and possesses the play strength to hold his own in the middle. The lack of foot quickness shows up with athletic defenders leaking around his edges and that issue could be exacerbated if teams play him at guard. Scruggs has the potential to go from backup to eventual starter if the situation is right.

Houston will be back on the clock with the No. 73 overall pick.