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Five Texans Questions with Sports Talk 790’s Matt Thomas

The midday host joins BRB for five questions.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The first wave of free agency is over. The NFL Draft is coming up at the end of the month (April 27th-29th). It has been awhile since Houston Texans fans have been this excited about the future of the team. The next few weeks provide a bit of a lull in an otherwise hectic calendar. Few sports figures are as busy as Matt Thomas (@SportsMT).

You can find Thomas on KBME Sports Talk 790 from 12-3 CT Monday through Friday. He is also the radio voice for the Houston Rockets on 790. That double duty made it difficult to catch up with him, but he was gracious enough to give us a few minutes to ask him five questions about your Houston Texans. Just like with our other interviews, we began with the most important position on the field.

Battle Red Blog: Obviously, the biggest decision of the offseason comes down to quarterback. Who do you see the Panthers taking with the number one pick? If you had that pick who would you pick for the Texans? if that guy is gone do you feel comfortable with the number two quarterback on your list?

Matt Thomas: I think the Panthers take C.J. Stroud at number one. I believe the Texans will select Bryce Young with the second selection. Young made all the throws, rarely made mistakes, and showed tremendous composure while at Alabama. With that said, I am still beyond nervous about his height and weight. Young refusing to get weighed at his pro day obviously raised a red flag. He clearly couldn’t keep the 204 pounds on that he had at the combine. The sport is so brutal for quarterbacks, undersized ones especially.

BRB: The Texans added quite a bit through free agency. Did any of those additions change your thinking around the 12th overall selection? What position would you like to see the Texans address there?

MT: I think this is an easy one. Get someone for the defensive line. This team has lacked a serious pass rush for at least the last two seasons. I do have a sneaky feeling that they may move down from twelve to grab an extra pick or two.

BRB: How would you grade Nick Caserio through the first few weeks of free agency? Is there any position that you wish he had addressed that he didn’t?

MT: His pattern is consistent. Grab some free agents and sign them to team-friendly, short deals. I am still waiting for the “wow, the Texans got THAT guy” move. This rebuild will apparently be a slow rebuild. The best move of the offseason in my opinion was the trade for Shaq Mason. He will be a very nice addition to the offensive line.

BRB: Which free agent do you think has the most significant impact on the 2023 Texans? Do you have a personal favorite that might not have as large an impact, but you are really happy that they were able to add?

MT: It’s a tie. Devin Singletary should be a terrific number two running back. Grabbing Dalton Schultz away from Dallas was a nice addition as well. I think the fans will gravitate to those players because they are skill position players that hopefully will be in the end zone a lot this season.

BRB: Obviously, a lot will depend on the draft, but knowing what you know now, what do you see as the ceiling for the 2023 Texans? Can they make some noise in the AFC South?

MT: I think there is still a lot of work to be done. A rookie quarterback, an inexperienced receiver corps, and a lot of work is still left on the defensive side of the ball as well. I think the team’s win range is between five and seven. The draft is very important for the expected win total and for Caserio’s future as general manager.

We wanted to thank Matt again for sitting down with us an answering our questions. He is a busy guy these days as he has his daily radio show and the end of the Houston Rockets season to tackle leading up to the NFL draft. Stay tuned as we attempt to find some other voices to sit down with us an answer our questions.