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Poll: Grade the Houston Texans 2023 NFL Draft

Win or lose, at least...

NFL: Houston Texans Press Conference Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

In what seems like forever, your Houston Texans just completed an NFL draft not tainted by the likes of Bill O’Brien, Jack Easterby or other cartoonish figures that added to the “Texans are the laughing stock of the NFL” storyline.

In fact, H-Town’s draft in 2023 was run by arguably 2 of the best in the business in head coach Demeco Ryans and general manager Nick Caserio.

Houston Texans

It’s always a crap shoot grading a draft before any of the players selected ever hit the NFL gridiron. But it’s post-draft Monday. We’re all still awash in the glow of a record number of draft trades, Goodell-booing and brand new player euphoria. So, why not get to grading?

If you haven't had the chance to read the excellent draft coverage all over this blog, you can take a hot minute and do just that, then come on back for the poll. If you have, or you’re just returning from doing so and need a “For those who came in late...” here we have it:

Houston Texans 2023 Draft Recap:

1 (2) - C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

1 (3) - Will Anderson, Jr., EDGE, Alabama

2 (62) - Juice Scruggs, C, Penn State

3 (69) - Tank Dell, WR, Houston

4 (109) - Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU

5 (167) - Henry To’oTo’o, LB, Alabama

6 (201) - Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame

6 (205) - Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State

7 (248) - Brandon Hill, S, Pittsburgh

That’s 9 total players, not to mention the raft of unsigned free agents brought in over the weekend. The Texans roster is overbrimming with youth and enthusiasm for sure.

While new quarterback C.J. Stroud and EDGE Will Anderson Jr. are the talk of the town today, brick wall center Juice Scruggs, twitchy fast receiver/return man Tank Dell and pass catcher Xavier Hutchinson should all turn your head as well.

Dell is particularly intriguing in that he ran a 4.49 40 at the combine, yet his game film shows a guy so quick, no one touches him. His change of direction and juke abilities are off the charts, no matter what his straight line speed is - which is perfect for a return man. Can you say “special teams touchdowns”?

Overall, it’s hard to spot a guy in this draft that makes ya scratch your head and wonder what Nick and ‘Meco were thinking. Needs were addressed, (lots of) trades were made, players chosen and excitement reigned.

Now it’s time for you to tell us all what you think it.

Grade the Houston Texans 2023 NFL Draft

All the football talking people will toss out their expert and/or not so expert opinions, grades, etc. over the coming days and weeks. But, let’s face it, in this it’s-all-about-me world, what you think about your favorite team is all that matters right? Right?!

What grade did your Texans earn?


Grade the 2023 Houston Texans Draft

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