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Houston Texans Fans React: Training Camp

We asked and y’all answered, here are the results from our latest survey.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

A long, long time ago, possibly Tuesday or so, we asked you a question about something that won’t be happening for another month at least. Still, after the draft we had, it doesn’t take much to start thinking about hot July days and video of players throwing footballs and scrimmaging and who we are most eager to see in Houston Texans training camp.

Well, I’m not one to keep y’all in suspense so let’s get right to the answers.

Honestly, this isn’t much of a surprise. After two seasons of Davis Mills, Tyrod Taylor, and a whole cavalcade of no-names and never-weres, a fanbase’s lonely eyes turn to CJ Stroud to turn the team’s fortunes. But the sheer gulf between first and second spots, however, did kind of take me by surprise.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

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