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Five Houston Texans questions with Sports Radio 610’s Landry Locker

The midday host joins BRB for five questions.

NFL: Houston Texans Press Conference Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Landry Locker has been a trailblazer. He was the first significant sports figure in Houston to launch his own Houston Texans YouTube channel pumping out daily Houston Texans content. It must have been tough in the early days trying to find stuff to talk about. Those days are long gone as the Texans are creating stories every week worth talking about at the very least.

Landry took a break from his busy schedule from his YouTube channel and day job as a cohost of “In the Loop” at 610 AM. We sat down and went through five questions about the Houston Texans following the draft. Obviously, the conversation began with the day one drama.

Battle Red Blog: What do you think are reasonable expectations for C.J. Stroud in year one? Where do you see his ceiling when he does reach his potential?

Landry Locker: Start every game and show improvement while going through the inevitable growing pains a rookie QB will go through. I see him with a Jared Goff/Dak Prescott type of ceiling, which you can win a lot of games with especially if Bobby Slowik is a good branch off the Kyle Shanahan tree.

BRB: Obviously, Nick Caserio gave up a lot to get Will Anderson. Do you think the gamble will ultimately be worth it? If not, what would you have liked to have seen the team do there instead?

LL: I was fine with waiting for a QB, but get it. Plus, quarterbacks make fools of us all and I’m obviously rooting for Stroud. They need to not be one of the worst teams in the league and in position to where their own first pick in 2024 could have landed them one of those top quarterbacks, that’s how you justify not waiting for a QB.

BRB: Most of the focus will be on Anderson and Stroud, but who are one or two guys from day two and three that you think the Texans fan base should keep their eye on? Do you have a personal favorite selection?

LL: Two Big 12 guys. I like Dylan Horton and Xavier Hutchinson, both of which dominated Texas last season. Horton is clearly a DeMeco pick and it will be fun to see how he’s used. Hutchinson could have some opportunity here with the uncertainty at WR. I’d imagine offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik was familiar with the Iowa State wideout after watching Brock Purdy tape last year leading up to the draft.

BRB: June 1 will bring another round of cuts and movement in free agency. Are there any positions you think the Texans should target?

LL: The Texans should be open to any and every option to upgrade the roster.

BRB: Vegas had the Texans at 5.5 wins before the draft. If I set the number at 6.5 are you going over or under? Are there any developments (on the positive end) that could change that number significantly?

LL: I’d bet the over for many reasons: The improvement of the roster, improved coaching staff and average schedule are a few reasons, but the previously mentioned trade is perhaps the biggest key factor nobody talks about. The team not having their first round pick means they, unlike some teams in the league, won’t be looking to lose games late in the season.

We want to thank Landry again for taking the time to answer our questions about the Texans upon the completion of one of the more memorable drafts in the history of the franchise. Good or bad, we will be talking about this draft for years to come. Landry will be on YouTube every day talking about the Texans and on the air five days a week doing the same.