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Five Questions with 610 AM’s Sean Pendergast

The Payne and Pendergast cohost joins BRB for five questions

NFL: Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Pendergast has been a huge part of the Houston sports scene for over a decade. He is a fixture on the number one morning drive time show in Houston along with Seth Payne. The 610 AM host of Payne and Pendergast also co-hosts the Houtopia Football Podcast with Houston Chronicle legend John McClain.

The Houston Texans have been very active since the last time we spoke. They have made a load of free agent moves and had one of the more memorable drafts in Texans history. Whether it was good or bad, you could claim that the draft was the most significant in team history. That’s obviously where we began our conversation.

Battle Red Blog: Obviously, a lot is riding on the performance of C.J. Stroud for next season and beyond. What do you see as realistic expectations for Stroud in year one? What do you see as his eventual ceiling as a quarterback?

Sean Pendergast: I admit off the top that I was a Bryce Young Guy. That’s who I wanted for the Texans, so as the process went on, it became very evident that “loving the one I’m with” meant learning to love C.J. Stroud. Good news — I love C.J. Stroud! I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve learned about his makeup and his competitiveness, and he may turn out to be a better system fit for Bobby Slowik than Young would have been anyway. This season, my hope is that he grasps the system enough to stay mistake free and not LOSE games for the Texans. Long term, the hope is he is a top 10 QB, and certainly has the tools to do it. But predicting that is a crapshoot.

BRB: What were your immediate reactions to the big draft day trade to get Will Anderson? Is that a move you support given the cost or would you have gone in a different direction? What would you have done differently in that case?

SP: I loved the mentality behind it, and I think part of the calculus was the injection of life the trade up to three gave every aspect of the organization — the fan base, the team, the staff, the city. Empirically, we won’t know if it was worth it until we see what that first round pick in 2024 looks like. I think having the Cleveland Browns pick helped facilitate things, too. I don’t think they do the deal without having a surplus of picks already I am confident Will Anderson will hold up his end of the bargain.

BRB: The majority of the focus will be on Stroud and Anderson, but who are some selections from day two and three that excite you? Who are some guys we should keep our eyes on as Texans fans?

SP: I loved the Tank Dell pick in the third round. I think he fits perfectly into a “get the ball in the hands of your playmakers” approach this offense takes. I think Dylan Horton has a chance to get into the rotation right away, and if he is a solid contributor, you’re talking about a draft class that rebuilds the edge on defense, with him and Anderson. I love the makeup and profile of Henry To’oTo’o, and the fact that a defensive captain and inside linebacker from Alabama is playing for a coach who was exactly that, too, back in the day.

BRB: The Texans added Shaq Griffin and Jacob Martin after the draft. The period after June 1 and at the end of the training camp usually turns up a veteran or two as well. Who are some guys you’d like to target or some positions you would like to see bolstered?

SP: It’s a little late in the game for anything significant. I am in the camp that would welcome Clowney back on the right deal (short term, not much money), because I trust DeMeco Ryans to properly vet whatever the issues were for Clowney in Cleveland at the end. I wouldn’t mind another capable body at Safety or on the defensive line interior, as well.

BRB: Most Vegas oddsmakers set the over/under on wins for the Texans at 5.5. After the draft, some of them bumped that up to 6.5. If I game you 6.5 wins would you take the over or under? Is there anything significant that would change your mind?

BRB: I am actually in Vegas as I am typing this and right now the books are setting the Texans at 5.5 with the lean in the market toward the OVER. I am predicting 6-11, so I think 6.5 is a good number, and I think if Stroud is “getting it” early on, they could hang around in December for one of those last wild card spots. That’s the biggest variable to me. If Stroud can make the throws Mills couldn’t (or wouldn’t) last season, this could be fun. The schedule is VERY friendly.

We want to thank Sean for spending a few minutes and interrupting his Vegas vacation to answer our questions about the Texans and their draft. Remember to catch him on Payne and Pendergast every morning from 6 to 10 AM on 610. You can also catch him weekly on the Houstopia Football Podcast with John McClain.