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Start Your Week With Houston Texans Highlights

No news? Watch clips instead...

NFL: Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This is the one of the worst times of year for pro football fans. While it’s summer, and who doesn’t love summer, there’s so little happening with the NFL and our Houston Texans it feels like forever before we learn cool, new things.

But never fear, True Believer!

In the absence of any news of substance, we can wile away the hours watching great Texans highlights.

Like, who doesn’t want to see Dameon Pierce take one to the house?

The Tweet is in French you say? Who cares - we’re sports fans, the average person doesn’t think we know how to read anyway...

Yes I know this next one isn’t a highlight clip, but the stats man! The STATS!

Ok, here's another clip, just because you stopped chewing that breakfast taco before asking.

If watching Pierce doesn’t make your Monday morning, how about one of the shiftiest wide receivers to burn thru the NFL in a long time?

Not sure why he’s nicknamed Tank Dell, cause this cat moves like an F22 Raptor, not an M1 Abrams.

Not trying to jinx anything - don’t believe in that anyway - but Dell certainly has shades of Randy Moss. Too bad Houston doesn’t have a receiver like Andre Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins to pair with Dell. That one-two punch along with Dameon Pierce would knock out opposing defenses again and again.

But, maybe Xavier Hutchinson can step into that role:

Sure the Texans aren’t getting much love in all the various rankings people are tossing out these days. However, that’s in large part due to having so many young players and new-to-their-roles coaches. DeMeco Ryans has never been an NFL head coach, C.J. Stroud has never been an NFL starting quarterback, Dameon Pierce has never been in a loaded NFL offense. Tank Dell and Xavier Hutchinson have never caught NFL touchdowns.

Through all that, the Houston Texans have never been to an AFC Championship game. But with all that, the odds are better that they will in the next few years than they have been in a long time.

For now, all they can do is work and all we can do is wait.